Who are we and what do we do?



FarmWizard is a unique and innovative end-to-end protein supply chain management solution that adds increased value to protein supplied by farmers, processors and retailers. The solution is delivered as a Software as a Service (SAAS) – the world’s first when it comes to livestock - and utilises cloud-based technology and “Big Data” to ensure that it is constantly evolving and providing detailed insights. 

The FarmWizard platform provides Cost of Production insights and management intervention tools that give suppliers the opportunity to realise up to $500 per animal with regards to breeding, rearing and processing costs from a beef supply chain. Our platform is fully extendable and, as new data collection sources continue to be released onto the market, we can incorporate that data to create a further increase in value.

The enhanced visibility and compliance that is offered by the platform improves the provenance of animals, enabling retailers to charge up to *80% more for the end-consumer product.



It has been identified that many protein value chains are highly inefficient. Research on cost of production figures in the UK demonstrated a variation in costs of $0.65 per kg of live weight between the least 1/3 efficient farmers and the top 1/3 which approximated to $325 per animal. In addition, out of spec cattle reportedly cost beef processors an average of $156 per carcass.

The diagram below shows some the beef supply chain problems and example financial consequences:



The FarmWizard platform consists of a number of cloud-based software modules and tools that may be deployed to allow stakeholders in the protein value chain to record and share data and to run reports which support management intervention that leads to efficiency gains. 

Some of these tools include:

1.    Web based desktop user interface,
2.    Smartphone data collection app which allows easy on-farm data collection,
3.    Integration tools which transfer data between the following:

  • Government livestock, livestock pedigree and milk recordings databases.
  • Beef processor carcass systems.
  • On farm weighing and RFID reader systems.
  • On farm milking parlours and heat detection equipment.

The diagram below gives a system level view of the FarmWizard “Proteus” platform deployed in a beef value chain.


FarmWizard collects and shares data across the entire beef value chain leading to better management decisions and intervention resulting in efficiency increases and a reduced cost of production.




1200 dairy, beef and sheep
farmers managing 3.2m animals

Dairy herd management clients;


Cognet Breeding (UK)

2 Sisters Food Group (UK)

Dunbia (UK)

Dovecote Park (UK)

Fresh Direct (USA)

Waitrose (UK)

Shoprite Checkers (SA)



FarmWizard was set up in 2004 by Terry Canning, a software architect with 10 years of experience in international telecommunications companies worldwide. Having grown up in a dairy farm, Terry recognised that cloud-based technology was a perfect fit for livestock management solutions.
In 2015, a controlling share in the company was acquired by Wheatsheaf Group, a food and energy platform investment company which is part of the Grosvenor Group, a multibillion pound business.