Connected Protein Value Chain Platform for Integrated Supply Chains


FarmWizard has an ‘off-the-shelf’ cloud-based solution that can be deployed into cattle, pork or sheep supply chains. The solution unlocks the value of the protein through the sharing of data across the supply chain, from farm to end-consumer, and is comprised of four main user roles: 

  • A ‘Simple Farm System’ interface allows farmers to record and access data that is relevant to the supply chain e.g. upstream animal availability or downstream carcass weights and grades. 
  • An Aggregator account allows for the scheduling and management of multiple farms. 
  • A Processor account enables the upload of animal carcass information from automated processor systems. 
  • A Value Chain Owner account allows the owner to build and manage lots. 

The diagram below shows the data flows between the various entities: 

In the current deployment of the system, the Value Chain Owner works with the Aggregator to create lots that are based on animal availability that is derived from the data collected from the ‘Simple Farm System’ interface. The aggregator then adds the animals to the lots, the processor uploads the carcass information for the animals, and the data is then fed back to the farmer. 

Each role and the associated features are shown below. 


The objective of the simple farm system account is to enable farmers to easily record the data that is required for the integrated supply chain. This is, in essence, the first step of the interface and the account can be tailored to the specific requirements of the individual chain. The key areas supported are as follows: 

  • Animal Registration, 
  • Weight recording and performance analysis, 
  • Compliance data collection such as veterinary treatments, 
  • Inventory review with target and confirmed finish date, 
  • Online Affidavit Builder e.g. grass fed confirmation, 
  • Smartphone App available with automatic integration with RFID and weighing equipment, 
  • Event recording, 
  • Integration with government databases, 
  • Sales/kill reports with yield analysis. 

The Simple Farm System can be upgraded to include a full livestock farm management system. 


The Aggregator account administers and controls the farm’s supply and integration scheme. The account’s key purpose is to provide administration access across all protein sources that have been loaded onto the scheme, enabling planning and scheduling. The key functionality of this account is as follows:

  • bility to add and remove farms onto the supply chain scheme, 
  • Pricing and invoicing control,
  • Performance benchmarking across suppliers, 
  • Data import facilities, 
  • At a glance inventory reports, 
  • Map level view of suppliers, 
  • Ability to add animals to a lot and price animals on lot, 
  • Animal Availability reports based on target specification.

For more information on the Aggregator aspect of the platform, please click here.



The processor account enables animal carcass information to be uploaded. In most cases this will be an automated facility with integration with processor kill floor data collection systems. 


The value chain owner creates the lots that the supply chain is required to fulfil. They will build these lots based on the on farm data that enables supply to be predicted. They can then track those lots as they move through the value chain. 

The key areas of functionality are as follows: 

  • Stakeholder management addition of processors and aggregators of multiple protein type. 
  • Ability to create lots with scheduling data e.g. shipping dates, kill dates etc. 
  • Ability to track lots as they get fulfilled. 
  • Automatic creation of expected finished goods based on cut plan and hanging weight. 
  • Yield analysis. 
  • Cut plan specification.